Special Issue 2025: extended deadline


CPoS welcomes proposals for a Special Issue in 2025, especially by early to mid-career researchers. The SI should include an introductory paper by the guest editor(s) as well as 5 to 8 individual papers.

Extended Deadline 31 July 2024
Please send your proposal to CPoS@bib.bund.de

Proposals should include:
(1) the title of the SI,
(2) the names and affiliations of the guest editor(s)
(3) a summary of the topic, including reasons why it is important and timely, as well as the value added by the SI, (~800 words)
(4) a list of titles, the names and affiliations of the contributing authors and short abstracts (~150 words)
The editors and the editorial team will select one proposal for publication. The selection will be based on the fit to the journal and the proposal’s quality, including timeliness and originality. The proposing guest editor(s) will be notified as soon as possible. We expect the decision to be taken by mid-July 2024.

Further procedure for publication of the selected proposal

The evaluation of the individual contributions of the SI will follow the usual review process at CPoS, meaning a double-blind peer-review. Prior to submission the individual articles should have been assessed by the guest editor(s) who are responsible to ensure high quality standards. The guest editor(s) suggest qualified reviewers (3-5 per article) but the review process is organised solely by the editorial team of CPoS. Guest editor(s) comment on the reviews but the editorial team contacts the authors.

When preparing their submissions, the authors should follow CPoS’ submission guidelines https://www.comparativepopulationstudies.de/index.php/CPoS/information/authors.

Suggested timetable
31 July 2024 Submission of proposals
15 August 2024 Decision on submissions
30 November 2024 Submission of papers
Dez 2024 - Feb 2025 Reviewing of papers (1st round)
March - April 2025 Revision of papers
May - June 2025 Reviewing of revised papers (2nd round)
July 2025 Final revisions
Aug - Oct 2025 Production
November 2025 Final publication

Papers will be published on a rolling basis upon acceptance. The overview paper by the guest editor(s) will be published together with the final paper of the SI.

In case of any further questions about potential proposals and their fit to the journal, please do not hesitate to contact the editorial office at CPoS@bib.bund.de before submitting.

Why CPoS?

CPoS offers free professional language editing once papers have been accepted. Further, CPoS provides free professional layout support. All articles are published online and open access without any submission or processing fees.

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