Special Issue on internal migration published


The CPoS issue focuses on the role of internal migration as a driver of regional population change in Europe, and relates current research to the early works on the “laws of migration” by Ernst Georg Ravenstein. The topic of internal migration and regional population change is important and timely, given the ongoing social scientific and political debate within Europe about the causes and consequences of regional disparities and the design of appropriate policies to reduce inequalities. The European Union, for example, has the goal of reduction of inequalities across member states and across regions within them. The issue fills a serious gap in our understanding of the migration components of population change, which would also facilitate a more effective response to crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

In eight contributions, the CPoS special issue explores what holds of Ravenstein’s postulated “laws” today. Find all papers here: https://comparativepopulationstudies.de/index.php/CPoS/S_ISSUE