Special Issue on “Demographic Developments in Eastern and Western Europe Before and After the Transformation of Socialist Countries” published


This new Special Issue (SI) analyzes the demographic developments in Eastern Europe after the transformation of socialist countries in 1989/1990 in great detail. This SI has been guest edited by Gabriele Doblhammer (University of Rostock) and Zsolt Spéder (Hungarian Demographic Research Institute).

The political transitions in Eastern Europe caused profound changes on various levels and influenced population dynamics. This SI focuses on the following demographic processes: family and fertility, mortality and health, and migration. The contributions analyze these processes through different lenses, including comparisons to Western Countries, analysis on how demographic processes within Eastern Europe differ from country to country, analyzing whether changes in norms and values occurred and asking whether those transitions result in new demographic concepts. This SI expands the knowledge on demographic trends in Eastern Europe and emphasizes the importance of future research.

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