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Comparative Population Studies (CPoS) is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open-access journal of population studies and demography with a focus on comparative research. Topics published include, but are not limited to: family and fertility, ageing and mortality, health and wellbeing, migration and mobility, and population structure and development. We welcome submissions in two categories: research articles (traditional journal papers) and demographic trends around the globe (shorter papers presenting new descriptive findings). Publishing in CPoS is completely free of charge. In addition, the journal offers free language editing and high-quality layout support. You will find more details on the focus of the journal here.

The current editors of CPoS are Heike Trappe and Roland Rau (both: University of Rostock). The journal is published by the German Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB), with Nikola Sander serving as managing publisher.


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Vol. 49 (2024)
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Recent Special Issue: Demographic Developments in Eastern and Western Europe Before and After the Transformation of Socialist Countries
(Vol. 49 - 2024)